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5 SEO Tips That Can Help Any Business Generate More Traffic

If you have a goal of generating more organic traffic from the search engines, you need to know how to do SEO. Although many strategies are part of the process of search engine optimization, there are several that truly stand out. You may be able to do these on your own, whereas some of them might be better left to those that have done this for years. Additionally, if you do not have the time to implement the strategies, a professional search engine optimization business might be someone that you should contact. To achieve page 1 rankings or even number one positions, the following five SEO tips will make it possible for you to achieve these highly coveted spots on the search engine listings.

Proper Interlinking

Once you have made several posts on your website, especially in categories, you need to start to connect all of these posts together. If you think about large websites that have millions of different products, they are all categorized into specific areas. The same applies to all of the posts that you will create on your website. These might represent products or they could be specific information. You need to connect all of the posts in each category together. This will help the search engine spiders index these posts and pages.

Use Videos

There are a couple of different ways that you can do this. First of all, you can use other people’s videos and embed those on each of your pages. Simply search for the keyword you are targeting on YouTube, and get the code for a video that is similar to your content. Second, you can create your videos on a YouTube channel and use the embed code to do the same. If you do create your videos, as long as you have added your primary keyword to the title, description, and the tags, you should start to receive traffic as the video itself ranks on the search engines.

Unique Content

Every website that can rank quickly online typically has unique content on almost every page. It is something that you can write for yourself, or you will pay someone to do for you. As long as it is not duplicate content, this can only help with your search engine rankings. You should also make a post every couple days, or even sooner, once your website is several weeks old. This will keep the search engine spiders coming back consistently, allowing the search engine algorithms to properly index your content.

Add Outbound Links

When you go to a website that has links pointing to different sites online, these can be helpful if you are looking for specific information or products. This is exactly what you will want to do on your website. It will be useful in helping you rank much more quickly. Just make sure that you are linking to websites that already can be found in the search engine listings. This will make your link very relevant for that keyword that you are also trying to target.

Build Quality Backlinks

Finally, you need to get links from many different websites, preferably from those that are ranking quite well. Whether you post on a social media platform, a blog, or even in an article directory, this can help boost your rankings. Links are similar to online votes in the eyes of the search engine algorithms. The more quality links that you have, the higher you will rank, regardless of the niche you are in.

New Strategy For 2017

One strategy that could be very helpful in 2017 for ranking websites quickly includes the use of multiple outbound links. Instead of placing one or two on each page, you will see your site rank even higher by adding three or more outbound links. Instead of linking to sites that show up for your target keyword phrase, you will want to link out to secondary keyword phrases as well. It is unlikely that a person would naturally link to only to websites that are also targeting their main keyword phrase, so by adding this bit of novelty to each page that you post, it will appear much more natural.

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If you can implement all of these techniques, you should see a dramatic change in your rankings. The traffic to your website should increase exponentially. If you do not have the time to do this, you want to work with a business that can do this for you. This will allow you to focus on your business, all the while knowing that you are going to get more traffic from the organic search engine listings. Now that you know exactly how to use Naples SEO strategies to achieve top rankings, you should implement these right away. Whether you do this on your own, or with the help of someone else, is going to make it easy for any business owner to increase their revenue and traffic.

Local SEO Marketing And Why It’s Important

It wasn’t that long ago when marketing was simple. All you had to do was put together something that grabbed people’s attention, and call it a day. Sure, some things were exciting without managing to sell the product, but you knew that the idea was to create something attention grabbing. As long as you could pull that off, you were bound to get at least some boost in sales.

Unfortunately, times have changed, and technology has changed with it. These days, simply creating something attention grabbing isn’t going to work. Not only that but if you create something too attention grabbing, it can have a detrimental effect! This is especially true of internet marketing, where many people have ad blocking programs. A major stated reason for such programs is ads that make noise or auto-play video, so creating such things is a great way to ensure you don’t get your product seen.

This can be incredibly detrimental for local businesses. In a market where physical advertisements simply aren’t garnering as many sales as they used to, local businesses have to resort to new and innovative forms of advertising. And since ad blocking programs make most traditional forms of online advertising useless, what tools are available to local businesses to market their product or service?

Local SEO.

Search Engine Optimization has become the go-to tool for online advertising. This is because it can bypass the problems of ad blocking programs since it doesn’t use any advertising in a traditional sense. There are no images or great sale links in the sidebar of websites that take a potential customer to your website.

Instead, a company can create a business website, and then through SEO tactics, they can ensure their website is at the top of the Google search results. This is incredibly beneficial because studies have shown that most people will simply click one of the first few links on the top of a search result page. They won’t look further down the page, let alone check the second or third page. This means that if you can’t get your website up at the top of the search results, you’re almost certain to miss out on those potential customers.

This is especially true of local businesses. Twenty or even ten years ago, a person would look for a new restaurant via word of mouth or by checking the Yellow Pages or visiting a local search marketing firm like The Yellow Pages are long gone by now, and most people simply go to Google. In the age of the internet, many people leave their reviews and opinions of restaurants online. If you can set up your website to be at the top of the search results, then you can ensure those potential customers see you first.

SEO Tactics

So how does one optimize a search engine? It’s a matter of knowing what information a search engine is looking for when people type in search terms. If you can figure out what search terms people are going to use when they’re looking for a business like yours, and you can make your website appear to have the most to do with those search terms, then your site will be near the top of the results.

This is easier said than done. There was a time when simply shoving particular keywords into your website would work perfectly. If you could put “Chicago Plumber” on your site more than any other site with “Chicago Plumber,” then you were generally near the top. However, this resulted in businesses using predatory tactics such as keyword stuffing to get their site noticed first. This caused problems since search engines could never promise a person the site had anything to do with their search terms.

These days, keyword usage is still important. However, search engines look for other things, such as the words around the keyword to match context, how often the website is updated and maintained, and several other checks to ensure each website is actually relevant to a search a person makes.

This is why hiring a professional SEO company is the most important thing you can do. If you’ve never tried to optimize your website, then you’ll find yourself quickly overwhelmed with the number of different things you’ll have to account for. Trying to manage local SEO can be a nightmare, especially when you consider that you’ll have to manage social media, as well. If you have any hope of utilizing SEO tactics appropriately, you’re going to need a professional.

And utilizing SEO tactics is important, especially if you’re a local business. Times change and business have to change with them. Otherwise, a business will fade away, only to be replaced by businesses that know how to get the word out about themselves. So if you don’t want to be left behind, hire a professional SEO company and ensure that you’re getting the customers you need.

The Best Way To Use Pay Per Click Marketing In 2017

If you have never used pay per click marketing before, you should know that it is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic very quickly. For those that use this on Facebook and Google, you know that within the hour, you will start to receive traffic. This is also another method aside from local seo marketing. It doesn’t matter what type of product you are selling, or offer that you are presenting, as long as you are targeting the right demographic or keywords. The reason that many people fail with this particular type of marketing is that it is very expensive, but there are strategies you can use to lower the amount that you actually pay for each click that you receive on these networks. There are also a couple of strategies that you should use to determine what landing pages are working the best, making the most out of your PPC advertising. That’s first going over why this works, which platform is working the best for people today, and how to lower your CPC for your campaigns.

Why Does PPC Marketing Work?

First of all, people are very conditioned to seeing those blue advertisements on the top and on the right on Google. You will also see these blue advertisements that are on the right on Facebook, allowing you to potentially get people to click. Facebook is a little bit different because you can also place advertisements in the newsfeeds of different people across the web. You can either use a text advertisement, image, or a video ad, the latter of which is the most effective. Therefore, since people are conditioned to click on these advertisements, it is important to use the right wording, or the right type of image or video, to get the the best response. Let’s now look at the platform that is working the best for people today, something that you should seriously consider before getting an account and starting one of these advertising campaigns.

Why Many People Prefer Facebook

The reason that so many more people are using Facebook than ever before for PPC advertising is because your advertising dollar goes a lot longer. If you advertise on Google, when people click through to your landing page, that is essentially the end result. On Facebook, not only can people see your advertisement, but they can share your advertisement, and it will get more exposure. This allows you to expand your reach, doing nothing more than making sure that people will want to click on and share your ad with other people, and the best way to do this is with video marketing.

Why Videos Work So Well On Facebook

This is another type of conditioning that people have been programmed to do. They are programmed and conditioned to like videos. When people see a video, if it looks interesting from the thumbnail, they will click to see what is happening. You have about 3 to 5 seconds to capture their attention, and if this is done right, this can lead to subscriptions for your autoresponder or even sales for your business. You may even develop a following of people that go to your blog, looking for more information. As long as you have advertisements on that website, you can also generate sales or income in that way. Videos work not only as a primary way of getting the click, but they also can go viral. The better the video, the more likely it is to be shared, allowing you to generate thousands of additional views even though you have only paid for a certain amount.

How To Lower Your CPC On Your PPC Campaigns

There is a simple trick that has been known for years. The more that people click on your advertisement, the lower you are going to pay per click. CPC costs will go down, thus making your campaigns much more profitable. The key is to make sure that people want to click on what they see, and videos give you the highest probability of motivating people to click through to watch the video and subsequently go to your website. For example, a person that is getting only a few clicks, marketing to a thousand people is going to pay the maximum cost per click. A person that gets 20% of the people to click on that video will end up paying half as much because they are rewarded for providing what is perceived to be great content.

Now that you have this understanding of how PPC ads work, and why video pay per click ads work so well on Facebook, you should start to work on different designs for your videos, testing different campaigns, and find out which ones were clicks. Once you have found this out, your CPC is going to go down, helping you to generate more overall profits from each campaign that you do. This is why Facebook is so much more preferable, and the opinion of many advertisers, when it comes to pay per click and SEO marketing in 2017.